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Good Design => Clearer Communication

Richard Serra Steel Sculpture at Fort Worth Modern Art Museum


Design is also a limitless task —

You can pretend no one notices the design mistakes you made, or you paid or underpaid someone to make for you. You're probably thinking about something that bugs you right now on this site. I know I am.

Getting to perfection in design is like accelerating to the speed of light. You can get close, but will not reach it. But we try.

If it takes a 10,000 hours to attain real mastery of any subject, we at LIP have it in critical looking. And this is the greatest asset we have in helping our clients with design. Naturally, we can do print layouts, put together a nice web page and design a marketing plan, but most importantly we know when something's not working. And we help you fix it.

While we're struggling toward perfection, we can still send out your new products and prices to your customers with a very attractive email, maybe create some info graphics to add to your site, send out a quick postcard or design a lovely administrative interface. And, of course, write pages that become blog entries and traffic generators on social media.

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