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February 2, 2012

Spots Visited

Good afternoon Ms. Talty,
I visited the inCompletable Spot Paintings: your the Damien Hirst Style virtual galleries.

For quite a while, I was able to amuse myself going to a city and finding a spot painting very similar to those I'd seen in the New York Times and other places I've check out regarding Damien Hirst's shows. I, too, read about his Challenge and would like to see these 11 shows.

When work is a sparse, simple and idea-driven as Hirst's work, I think it benefits from seeing it en mass. One Rothko looks lonely, and a little too close to nothing, when its hung all by itself in a museum.

On your site, I pick a city, get the virtual painting and then just park my cursor on the refresh tool. When I get tired of looking at an image, I just refresh, and there's a new painting.  I hang around the city for as long as I like and then try another place.

Athens may be simple. But I like it.

Steuart Bremner

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