Limitless IDEA Project

Steuart Bremner

LIP 2009

An Original

Responsive, in an odd way, before responsive was a thing.


Terry Talty

Terry Talty

The Future

I'd like to show the iteration of (my) Limitless Idea Project's website over it's 10 years.

Here's where I'll have the links to previous versions.    970.485.9914

Your small business micro publicist. LIP congeals and displays your mental concepts, web content, marketing strategies and good looks. LIP's services cost less than expensive ordinary blog-like content managment services or multi-departmental, do-it-all design firms. Get more with LIP's services.

The LIP Idea

LIP is a Micro Publicist. What's that mean? LIP can write press releases, web copy or cards, brochures and other printed marketing documents. LIP can make photos look good and bring all your ideas and images to the public on paper, on the web, at YouTube or in your blog. Content Managment Systems are expensive, and you still have to provide the content. Get a ten year supply of LIP for much less.