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At a loss ...

Some of our ancestors, the Greeks, lost written language for 300 years. Imagine: you're living after the collapse of the Mycenaean Palatial Civilization and there's no written language — for 300 years. Without writing you can only communicate with those you can speak to directly. Using the written word, your market expands exponentially. And the Internet makes it global.

If your written word - online or ordinary - is what most consumers will see, then it should honestly and vividly reflect your enterprise. Good content requires your knowledge of what you do, and an objective assessment (often supplied by outside professionals). Pulling it all together is the purpose of the services LIP provides. Many of our present-day marketing concerns are in the LIP toolkit. On this page, you'll find a list of links to these tools, each with more information about a project - a portfolio that exemplifies our approach to solving marketing needs.

A little history from Terry's resume: She worked as a journalist for the Summit Daily News, the Telluride Daily Planet, the Summit Times and other print magazines and newspapers covering various beats including state government, politics, the environment, education, food and the arts.

She was an Arts & Entertainment editor and produced a weekend arts guide that ran 24-36 pages. With the skills learned — layout, typography, copy and photo editing — she began putting together web content for other small business owners and nonprofits in 2005.

Quality copy writing, the ability to communicate in your voice, critical aesthetic judgement and goal-oriented planning are the strengths she brings to your project whether she's involved from concept to code or any piece in between. - call (970)485-9914
Denver, Colorado 80209