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Breck Mountain Realty About page, designed by Limitless Idea Project

The Winter Theme

Real estate is a competitive business in Breckenridge and each Realtor needs to offer information to potential clients, express their personality and their strenghts to stand out from the crowd.

And, of course, every real estate agent wants to rank at the top of searches for the same keywords.

We began with a ranking far greater than 100 and got Jan to under 30 within a few months.

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Jan's Blog: At Home in Breckenridge

To help achieve the higher search engine rankings we created a blog with some unique ideas to show off property that only a long-term local would know were 'Steals."

To make the blog easy for our client, our copywriter called each week, heard the town news and wrote the blog entries in the Realtor's voice.

Jan has lived in town, longer than just about any other real estate agent and the blog emphasized her involvement in the community, tips on how to garden at altitude and make the best of mountain living.

We played up this distinction, and worked to let Google and Bing know she was a real entity that could help people buy and sell real estate.

Breck Mountain Realty home page, designed by Limitless Idea Project

Page text includes keywords that a searcher would use if they wanted Jan's experience and services.

Web Design |Limitless Idea Project

Web Design | Limitless Idea Project

Well tagged and fresh images - even the banners changed seasonally -- are ways to tell the search engines you are real.