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The Office of Limitless Idea Project, Denver Design and Marketing Partnership The office for Limitless Idea Project, Denver, Colorado Terry Talty and Steuart Bremner, 2012, working on a sculpture project in Aspen, Colorado Steuart Bremner via Lemme Cam, 2012 Terry Talty, 2012 Steuart Bremner, 2009, London Terry Talty, copywriter, at the Pomp Terry Talty and Steuart Bremner on the Thames outside Tate Modern Terry Talty and Steuart Bremner New Years Eve 2012

Limitless Idea Project

We can do anything with a name like this. We are Terry, a writer and conceptual artist, and Steuart, a sculptor/artist, who live in Denver, Colorado. We do starry nights and explain the unbearable lightness of being.

General goals for LIP:

  • Communicate more broadly, and better;
  • Help others communicate and exchange things of value;
  • Raise the level of content in blogs, press releases and marketing docs;
  • Think of ways to make it easier to find quality information;
  • Find paths for contemporary art and artists to engage in public policy.


Brief History of Limitless Idea Project

History: We started Limitless Idea Project in 2005. It is a partnership that publishes blogs about Food, Contemporary Visual Art and helps other small businesses communicate about their projects.

Brief Bio of Terry

Terry Talty is a writer and conceptual artist with a BFA in printmaking from the University of Denver, where she also studied communication, and wrote for the college newspaper and magazine. Her specialization was art criticism and her aim was to develop a jargon-free style that illustrated the value of contemporary art to any reader.

For the next twenty-some years, she alternated between newspaper work and art marketing. Most significantly, she and her husband ran a metalsmithing gallery for 15 years, and she curated several exhibitions per year.

Talty ran a wire service of state government news for rural Colorado dailies, and conducted a series of political opinion interviews that involved former secretaries of Defense and Interior among others. In 2002, she started a blog for the website It expanded when she moved to France in 2004, and is now developing into the jargon-free, illustrative arts commentary she set out to write years ago.

When not making art, or playing Jeanne-Claude to her husband's Christo, Talty does the copywriting, the HTML/CSS and coding for Limitless Idea Project.

Brief Bio of Steuart

Steuart Bremner does the marketing strategy, photography, video and illustrations for Limitless Idea Project, as well as the important job of proofreading.

Bremner was born in Scotland, grew up in Texas, and attended the University of New Mexico where he studied art and journalism. He left school to ski in Colorado, got involved with SummerVail Art Workshop and, soon after, graduated with honors in sculpture from the University of Colorado, Boulder.

While in school he worked as a camera operator, a metalworker at Quest Foundry and a sculpture apprentice for J. Cotter Gallery in Vail. In 1978, he and Talty ran an art casting foundry in rural Colorado. After a lot of hard work, and the birth of his son, Graham, he scaled production down to a wearable size. The new parents moved their business to the ski resort town of Crested Butte, then Breckenridge, where he designed and produced original jewelry and sold the work of internationally known metalsmiths, curating several exhibitions per year, until closing the gallery in 2001.

Since then, Bremner has continued to make a living and, consistently, make art.