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Invisible Museum's Blog

The Invisible Museum is a Colorado nonprofit that creates visual art events and was best known for publishing EyeLevel Magazine, an art criticism journal. EyeLevel is coming back soon, in an only version derived from this blog.

A website for a regional print exhibition 528.0

The Invisible Museum blog was built in Wordpress, has several authors, including me, so we use EditFlow to manage production.

There are several version of the blog customized for the IM's programs., a blog about visual art, 2013

<< UsA: UnsafeArt is a magazine-style blog about contemporary visual art that includes interviews and art criticism from a viewer-on-the-street perspective.

Currently, it's Wordpress, with image-minded child of Thematic.

UnsafeArt, a contemporary visual art blog is now built on a custom Wordpress child theme of the Thematic family

I've written about contemporary visual art for decades and have redesigned my online presence several times. This version is straight HTML linking to a Movable Type blog that, for a time, sported Google ads.

Art Tourist blog on from 2008

The 2008 design was inspired by the Gee's Bend quilts shown at the Denver Art Museum. >>

The contents are magazine length, written for everyone who can read, and meant to stimulate art's role in any life.

2008 Redesign:toward magazine format.

Art Tourist

The blogger was called the Art Tourist. You may download a .pdf example from Kansas City 2008. Or one from the seventh biennial Lucky No. 7, at Site Santa Fe in 2008.

Or read online MCA Denver: Primordial Humaness.

The Archives of the Art Tourist:

Art Tourist

When I started UnsafeArt in 2000, I wrote a political interview column called Out to Lunch for a Summit County weekly newspaper.

I've continued the series with Art Interviews on

Online content for online magazine, blogs and for print. The image is an example of the 2002-4 series for the Summit Times.
UnsafeArt includes an audio section with interviews with visual artists. Several are transcriped and others are just audio. Visit for to hear them

I also write a food blog about cooking and eating in Colorado. The content is fresh first, cooking well but simple, and making eating as pleasurable as possible.

To read, visit Taste Imagine.

Taste Imagine is a Colorado Food Blog

Like just about everyone, I've become a convert to Wordpress, not for the readymade theme content but its flexibility.

<< Taste is still on Movable Type

This >> on the original WP theme.

Eric's World Famous Artist's Blog Eric Abraham, world famous art blog

More Blog Content & Design samples:

Spoiler: Self-Promotion

I'm ready and willing to be your ghost blogger, one with a good eye for images, clear content, and the ability to dig into the code and develop the blog layout that will truly enhance what you (we) have to say.