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Data Generated from mySQL database using PHP


One of the best uses of these data managing tools is to deliver good, helpful information to your web visitors and inspire them so much they come to you -- it's called Inbound Marketing. With it, you can spend less time on the hard sell.

In 2010, I redesigned this realty site to show photos first. From here, users can enjoy as much data as they want.


Limitless Idea Project

In 2005, I was part of the team of people that created the first web site for the same realtor. The original style is hard-edged like the data, which was emphasized.

My contribution was the requirements analysis, managing the database structure, the information architecture, drafting the HTML and CSS. I wrote the text for more than 100 pages (see an example in the next shot).

Limitless Idea Project

Style & Substance:

I designed different style sheets for other parts of this realtor's business using the same database. (A vacation rental site in greens)

For the new look (first image, above) I customized the Flash with ActionScript and used HTML5 for mobile versions. Each property for sale has its own domain, text and slideshow. I wrote new PHP and linked the new and old.