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Web Design us Simple Rotating Images with JQuerry and a background drawn by the artist/site owner. Low Text Slide presentation with new Litebox way to feature a single image Simple Rotating Images with JQuerry The artists Three-Dimentional Drawing, Large Version, that use autobiographical and nostalgic elements. Another drawing of the artist's used as a background

To show off the artist's work, I redesigned his site using a collection of ideas.

The home page (the screen shot shows the artist in front of his studio/gallery) used the slimmest piece of jQuery code I could find to display a slideshow. Rotating through these images should tempt a viewer to click on the gallery pages of porcelain work and drawings.

The gallery pages have an old-fashioned HTML slider to show a group of images. Clicking on the images sets off a lite-box javascript that brings the individual image front and center. Behind all this are the pencil drawings of the artist.

The World Famous Art Blog uses Wordpress, and links into this site with the wonders of PHP, which seem a little anachronistic compared to the artwork. I like the contrast of old and new.