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Concept to Clean up

Several Limitless Idea Projects have been events. I worked with a team to authentically create a new fall event for Crested Butte. The concept was a complete invention but felt as comfortable as an old shoe.

<--For this week-long event, the clean up was easier with custom-designed, disposable placemats.

A page from the coloring book:

Family Gathering for Grandma's 80th Birthday.

From all the family snapshots, we created an 80-page coloring book as a souvenir for the grandkids.

There were photos from just about every year of grandma's life and every place she's lived.

Good Photos are Essential.

Event photos and fresh copy are perfect tools for social media marketing, as a thank you, and to keep web content fresh and attractive.You don't always have to take your own, and using your clients images make be a way to encourage interaction with your site.

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