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Limitless Idea Project

Web Content brings people to your site.

If the copy is fresh, your company rises in search results. If the text is accurate and informative, you'll be the answer to these searches.

Limitless Idea Project

Content Management can be expensive, and you, or someone in your organization needs to write the copy, load it, and correct it.

After all this, who's left to check Facebook, etc.?

Limitless Idea Project

Update banner?
Freshen buttons?
Shuffle in new pics?
Swap graphics?
Change background?
Create new links?
Acknowledge sponsors?

Take a fresh look at what's news?

I can help.

Limitless Idea Project

In 2012, I mentored a team of interns to update the website for Arts Street. We created new graphical interfaces and added a large amount of video, photo and textual content.